Spring 2018

Onion sets are in and ready for sale.  Seed Potatoes are coming soon. Garden Seeds are packaged and also ready for sale!! Spring is just around the corner. So we are keeping  our ladies are busy by planting hanging baskets, herbs, flowers and vegetables.
March 9, 2018

Coming Soon

The greenhouse is full of Fall mums.  Right now they are green, but it won't be long until they are full grown and bursting with the colors of Fall.  As soon as they are ready, which is usually the end of August we will ship them down to our retail store for sale.
During the Fall we also carry a huge supply of pumpkins and gourds.

Zonal Geraniums

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We sell several different colors of zonal geraniums.  Red, lavender, pink, salmon, and white.

Spring is Here!

The staff have been busy the last couple of weeks filling up our retail store.  Flowers, herbs, vegetables, hanging baskets are all ready to go and available now.  We just received our shipment of Tropical Hibiscus and Clematis.  There is a great selection of colors this year.

Excited for Spring!

Spring is fast approaching!  We are very busy planting flowers, vegetables, herbs, hanging baskets and everything else you love.  As the weather begins to warm up we will have pansies and violas ready to sell, along with garden items like onion sets, seed potatoes, and garden seeds.
Preparing your soil early is a good idea.  We carry a good selection of organic cow manure and other organic fertilizers from Espoma.  Plants need to eat just like we do, so make sure they have enough nutrients to get started.
Be sure to stop in and see us for all your gardening needs.